quote David Alexander of Building All Aspects is a licensed builder with knowledge and skills that far surpasses many others in the building industry.

He is an excellent leader of men and a skilled trainer of apprentices.

David has the uncanny ability to meet unspoken standards of quality workmanship. Nothing you ask of him is too small or too large for him to give it his all.

David's ability to quote major works in finite detail is exceptional. He will bring the job in on budget and on time, every time. This is my experience in using him as our company's major building contractor.

His ability to organise other interfacing sub-contractors is a reflection of his reputation as a builder of high regards in the industry.

David has a high level work and family ethic that ensures his customer of a fair, honest and safe working relationship one that gives confidence to use his skills repeatedly.

 quote rightThis is our company's and my personal experiences with David.

Jeff Hort, Managing Director
Jeff Hort Engineering
In the year 2007, we decided to upgrade our existing dwelling at Sale Street, Orange nsw. A double storey extension was chosen to tie in with the original brick cottage. Budget estimate $300K.

After commencing the tendering process, it soon became clear that this was not going to be an average project and the chosen builder would have to be of exceptional problem solving ability. At the initial consultation with David Alexander, who was then trading as David Alexander Building Services, all our concerns disappeared very quickly, due to his professional approach and up front suggestions on all aspects of the task ahead.

Later in during the building process, David's ability to overcome many small and a number of major changes was impressive. No problem seemed to take long to solve. The outcome was always to our highest satisfaction. On completion of the renovation, our relationship to David had grown into a friendship.
Our house is now everything we wanted from the outset, thanks to David's efforts and also his many ideas that paid off having been changed from the original design concepts.

To sum it up, we recommend David Alexander to anyone undertaking the stressful task of renovating. His calm and professional attitude and his skills and pride of workmanship will arrowalways ensure a successful outcome.

Leo Presslaber and family